How they met

Patricia and Jose met seven years ago, but, really, they should have met long before they ever did. Growing up in and around the El Paso, Texas, area—the biggest small town you’ll ever meet—it’s a wonder they hadn’t. But with several friends in common, they soon connected online, and a friendship began to bud. That’s why a friend’s upcoming reunion seemed like the perfect place to finally meet in person. That night they talked for hours and laughed even more—lost in the moment, with only eyes for one another. Soon they would be in love.

How they knew they were in love

Sometimes you just know. For Patricia and Jose, it was after a particularly tumultuous time in their lives that they realized they were stronger together, that together they could get through anything. They realized that even when life got hard, they wanted to be by each other’s side. Simple. Strong. United. In love…

The Proposal 

After working for a time in Houston, Jose came up from El Paso to visit Patricia and take in the Houston sites on what seemed like a normal, happy day. But, by day’s end, Jose would be taking Patricia into his arms and embracing her in a way he had never before. She knew right then there was something different about this day, and when he got down on one knee to ask for her hand, she felt only love for the man that was to become her husband.

Beginning their lives together…

On a beautiful day in May 2016, Patricia and Jose made their way down the aisle. For Patricia, there was nothing more effortlessly romantic as an outdoor wedding and so she planned an intimate al fresco event surrounded by close friends and family. It was truly unforgettable, as is their love for one another. 

White Lace Bridal Boutique is proud to call Patricia Miranda one of our clientele.